Lychee Mint Cooler

Pukka is a brand that I got to know about when I was working in the UK, and I fell in love immediately. Not only was I so drawn to how pretty their boxes were, but they had such a great selection of herbal teas that were full of flavour and gave me the kick I needed!

Pukka has just launched their new green tea range that uses matcha grown in Jeju-Do, a World Heritage Site in South Korea. I’ve created some recipes with the delicious range, and here is one using the Mint Matcha Green. Here are a few others: Herbal Ochazuke (using the Clean Matcha Green). and a Tropical Zest Mocktail (using the Mint Match Green).


In partnership with Pukka Herbs

The Recipe serves 1



1 bag Mint Matcha Green tea

½ cup water

½ cup sparkling water

2 tsp lime juice

10 lychees, peeled and de-seeded

10 fresh mint leaves, torn

Sugar (optional)


Extra 2 lychees per serve, peeled and de-seeded

Crushed ice


  1. Make Mint Matcha Green tea: infuse 1 bag of Mint Matcha Green tea in ½ cup of water and leave in the fridge overnight to steep
  2. Make lychee juice: Blend or muddle 10 lychees and strain. This should yield about 90ml of lychee juice. Set aside
  3. In a pitcher, mix the lychee juice with the rest of the ingredients. Stir to combine
  4. Serve each glass with 2 whole lychees, crushed ice, and a sprig of mint
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