Herbal Ochazuke

This bowl of Ochazuke definitely goes up there on the list of my comfort favourites along with dishes like Teochew porridge and Pao Fan. I must really like something about softened, watered down rice…

It was great seeing so many people getting into the kitchen during the circuit breaker period; and now I notice that whilst everyone is getting back to their hectic schedules, many still want to continue making meals at home but struggle to do so because of time. This dish would be perfect in such situations. All you have to do is cook a fillet of your favourite fish, brew some tea, and assemble it with some rice (leftovers would work perfectly fine!)

I used Pukka’s ‘Clean Matcha Green’ tea here, and I love how the flavours from the fennel seeds, liquorice root, and lemon add a fresh and cooling flavour without overpowering the dish. And who’s complaining when you get to enjoy the benefits from these herbs at the same time.

Tip: don’t miss out garnishing with mint leaves and the wasabi crackers – they go so well with the tea!

This dish is great on days where you want something light and soothing, yet satisfying. It’s easy, quick to prepare, and nutritious too. And if you’re not a fan of drinking tea on it’s own, this would be great for you!

In partnership with Pukka Herbs

The Recipe serves 2


1.5 cups cooked brown sushi rice

1 Pukka Clean Matcha Green tea bag

2 cups hot water

1 salmon fillet

1 tbsp cooking sake

1 tbsp soy sauce

Cooking oil

1 tbsp wasabi rice crackers, crushed

1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

1 taupok square, cubed

Toasted nori, torn into pieces

1 tbsp mint leaves, sliced

2 stalks spring onion, sliced

2 tsp pickled cucumbers

1” ginger, grated


  1. Marinate the salmon in sake and soy sauce for 15 minutes
  2. Once marinated, cook the salmon on a lightly greased pan until ¾ cooked through
  3. When cool enough to handle, flake the salmon flesh and set aside
  4. Brew a pot of Pukka Clean Matcha Green tea and set aside
  5. To assemble, place a serving of rice in the middle of a bowl and top it with the flaked salmon. Garnish with mint, spring onion, nori, taupok cubes, sesame seeds and crushed rice crackers. Serve with a side of grated ginger and pickled cucumbers
  6. When you’re ready to eat, pour the hot tea over
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