Connected Clothing: Why She Wears What She Wears

May 17, 2020

Connected Clothing is a series of sustainable fashion interviews spotlighting different individuals – why they wear what they wear and the significance behind their choices.

Though she spends her time as a TV personality, radio host and sustainability advocate, Charlotte Mei is a nutritionist first and foremost. Her journey as a nutritionist started with writing down all the questions she had about food in her everyday, brought her to the UK for university, and then on Eat List Star and Crave as a TV personality in Singapore. It all began with a question, and that same spirit of curiosity akin with her sustainable upbringing inspires her relationship with her clothes. From the delicate notion of storing her mom’s vintage jewelry in separate bags, to the conscious habit of picking up trash in public spaces–the value of taking care of things and taking care of them well is an instinctive credo.

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