Sustainability Guide: Tips to Live and Travel Green

August 11, 2020

Once COVID-19 is behind us and we get to travel again, it is imperative that we do so sustainably. Just as the pandemic forced us to slow our lives down, we should consider a slower, more conscious approach to travel too. 

I shared some tips with The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts on how we can all travel sustainably, and form authentic connections with the places we visit, through spending our travel dollar and planning activities/accommodation/etc wisely.

There wasn’t really a turning point for me, as sustainable living was always part of my way of life when I was growing up. It was never highlighted as “sustainable living” though… they were simply taught to me as good habits to have.

When I moved back to Singapore, after living abroad for eight years in countries where eco-consciousness was more normalised and the environment supported it, it struck me that we were steps behind. That was when I decided to be more vocal about it and share my personal practices and experiences on my platform.

Read more for some of my tips for a greener lifestyle for home and travel.