Virtual Singapore Sustainability Academy: Gardening at Home

September 23, 2020

I am soo pleased to see the number of people who have gotten interested in growing plants at home, composting food waste, and generally creating a more closed-loop system at home!⁣

This Saturday 10am, I will be joining Joanna (Weird and Wild Edibles) on CDL’s Virtual Singapore Sustainability Academy (VSSA) to share more on gardening at home.


Joanna will be sharing more on starting your own garden, and I’ll be sharing what I know about composting in an apartment setting, and how I turn food waste (tub on the left) to compost (tub on the right)!⁣

This process has greatly reduced the amount of food waste I throw out, and I’ve grown to love it!⁣⁣
P.S. the middle tub is the process in-between. The shroomy stuff you see is white mould which is a good sign of proper decomposition.