TP-Link Deco X60: Time To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Network

September 15, 2020

I learnt so much about WiFi through this video I worked on with TP-Link and! A mesh network is something definitely worth checking out if you’re experiencing difficulties with your WiFi connection at home (the issue isn’t limited to big homes!!)

Wi-Fi has been a massive enabler in our lives, and we can all agree that a good Wi-Fi coverage at home is key, especially with most of us still working from home and sharing the coverage with those who share the same roof. 

As much as it has been an enabler, it can sometimes let us down with slow speeds and poor coverage, even in our own homes. 

Today we will be doing a complete Wi-Fi makeover in a three-storey home with the TP-Link Deco X60 to see how a mesh network can help with Wi-Fi woes!

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