Stan Smith, Forever

January 9, 2021

Here’s reintroducing the beloved Stan Smith sneaker
…and this isn’t a special one-off collection – it is here to stay.

adidas is aiming to eliminate the use of virgin polyester in all their products across the business by 2024. As part of the move, they’re launching the Stan Smith, Forever collection in Singapore, and I feel honoured to be part of it.⁣

Same Stan Smith, different materials. These kicks are made from recycled polyester (PRIMEGREEN), which means that we are not only reducing the amount of polyester that ends up as trash, but also our reliance on petroleum as a source of raw material. This isn’t going to end plastic waste, but it’s definitely one way to help us eventually phase out all virgin polyester.⁣

adidas is one of the first in the fashion industry to commit itself and take action to achieve its sustainable goals. It is a commendable move and hopefully this will encourage the rest of the industry to do the same. Change is a team sport after all!

Speaking of living more sustainably, I often get asked for advice on how consumers can reduce their carbon footprint at home. Most of us know about bringing our own bag, straw, container, silicone snack bag, and here I share some of the eco-friendly toiletries I use daily!

Click here to see where I’ve gotten them from (tap on the image to see the tags). They’re all from local/small brands that I love : )