Sustainability She-Roles

April 21, 2019

Tips to reduce food waste at home!

Reducing your food wastage is easier than you think. And no, this isn’t a bid to convert you to a no-waste sustainability hero (but that can be a goal).

“When I go to the supermarket, I already know what I’m going to get. I also look out for stuff with the least amount of packaging and use reusable bags for my fruits and vegetables.”

Charlotte suggests cooking certain food items to keep them fresh. “For food like chicken, cooking the meat as soon as possible helps preserve texture and freshness.

While some leftovers are lower in nutrition, you can still eat them; fibre will be present in vegetables and fruits even if the vitamins are gone.” The nutritionist has a habit of keeping every bit of her leftovers. “Even if it’s just a bit of rice, vegetable or meat, I’ll keep it. It’s not that hard – put the food in an airtight storage container and pop it in the fridge. I’ll usually make an omelette out of my leftovers or refry them with something else the next day.”

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