#03 Hawker food – it doesn’t have to be unhealthy!

March 31, 2022

Dishing up some tips to help you make your next hawker meal more nutritious.

Learn about the main components you need at each meal, and the amounts required. It’s not complicated, I promise! These tips can also be used in your meals beyond the hawker centre!

For visual representations of the dishes I mentioned at the end:

  • Popiah (a Chinese-style spring roll that contains stewed jicama, bamboo shoots, beancurd, topped with peanuts, beansprouts, and egg)
  • Nasi Padang (originating from Indonesia, it’s a dish of rice served with a selection of vegetables and meats)
  • Thunder tea rice (rice served with an assortment of vegetables/herbs/tofu/nuts, served with a bowl of liquid made out of pulverised herbs, tea leaves and nuts. It’s pretty much a Chinese style grain bowl!)
  • Char siew rice (barbecued pork marinated with hints of honey and 5-spice, served with rice)
  • Carrot cake (starchy cubes made from glutinous rice flour and white radish that are pan-fried till crispy, and cooked into an omelette)

Bon appetit!

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Special thanks:
Music: Dnl
Audio and Art: Farah Firzanah
Art: Amelia Loh

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