Period Talk #VoyageToTheVulvaverse

October 8, 2021

An Instagram Live on all things related to menstruation, vulva care, and intimate health. 


  • Not all periods are the same. Every menstruating individual’s experience differs from one another (cycle, cramps, mood swings, etc)…just as with most things! 
  • Shame exists when it comes to talking about our periods/menstrual health, and asking for a day off because of bad period cramps (many just make up another excuse rather than revealing the truth). Hopefully we can get to a point where periods and the PMS associated with it would be seen as a priority as with other health conditions. 
  • For many, it’s a hush-hush topic, and some have code names for their periods (godma/code red/大姨妈) as it is seen inappropriate and unsanitary. Period blood actually isn’t any dirtier than blood from other regions of our body, it just contains the shedded lining of our womb!

I’m glad to have done this with Sarah, as we’ve spoken these topics in the past between the both of us, and we want to encourage more discourse around it. After all, it’s powerful to be able to openly talk about our body’s natural processes and our vulvas without shame.