Farm to Fork: Eggs

November 11, 2020

Just filmed another episode with the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment on a documentary about food security and supporting local produce.

It blows my mind to know that Singapore has 220 farms, yet we know so little of it. 220 sounds like a lot, but the produce from that barely meets 10% of our local nutritional needs – hence the #30by30 goal.

It’s a bit of a catch 22, because in order to supply more (and at a friendly rate), we need the demand for it…and that’s where we consumers come in. Hopefully more people will be aware of this, and we can start to see more people supporting local produce.

I had so much fun at Kuhlbarra today learning more about their barramundi and the processes in place to make sure they get into our homes as fresh as possible (ie within the day). I’ve been a fan of their fish for a while now and it makes me appreciate and respect it even more now that I know all the work that goes behind it.

The first episode of the series is out! Check it out!

Farm to Fork: Local Eggs with Chef Devagi and Charlotte Mei


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I had so much fun learning more about our local consumption of eggs (~5.5 million daily!!), how our local eggs are produced, and how they get to supermarket shelves on the very day they are laid!! Talk about #farmtotable and peak freshness!⠀ ⠀ To ensure food security here in Singapore, it boils down to us consumers supporting the growth of our farms by shopping for local produce (SG Fresh Produce logo! 👀). This way, we can attain the goal of #30by30 – producing 30% of our nutritional needs by 2030 – sooner. The added bonus is that our local egg farms also provide #cagefree options, and the more we support these products, the more of them we will see in the future 💚 :)⠀ ⠀ The talented @chefdevagisanmugam also teaches us her mouth watering Egg Masala and Omelette Biryani (lacto-vegetarian friendly!) that I urge you guys to try making at home – super simple and sooo delicious ⁣( 🥚◡🥚)っ⠀ ⠀ @msesingapore @chewscagefreeeggs @littleredants_sg #LetsGameChangeFoodSecurity #FromSGtoSG #PassionMadePossible #SupportLocal #SGFreshProduce

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