Chanel Beauty

August 28, 2020

The best gift my mom gave me was to get me moisturising my face from the age of 12. I used to hate the sticky feeling on my face, but today, I can’t wash my face without quickly slapping on some cream right after. That was it for me for the longest time – a simple no-frills routine of facial wash & moisturiser. ⠀

In the recent 2 years (hello late 20s!) I started to include the additional steps of serum and sunscreen, which I now can’t live without. I used to find these additional steps a chore, but it definitely helps when you have good products that you understand. I recently started using Chanel Beauty’s Hydra Beauty Micro Serum and I quickly become a fan.


I had a chance to sit down with the team at Chanel Beauty to learn more about their products, the R&D process and understand why they use the ingredients they do. The technology used to harness the brilliant properties of their ingredients is pretty fascinating.

Essentially, they lock in all the goodness of their key ingredient – the camellia flower – into micro-droplets that explode onto your skin upon contact.
The perfect analogy for it: ikura bursting on your tongue.
Just that this cream smells way better…!