Assistive Technology @ Tech Able Singapore

July 8, 2020
I’m really fond of Tech Able’s work. They’re all about providing assistive technology to improve the quality and ease of living for persons with disabilities. Do check them out at Enabling Village if you’re curious about the gadgets they have, or know of anyone who can benefit from them.

5 Gadgets That Enable Lives at Tech Able

A lot of us already use Assistive Technology (AT) in our everyday lives, without even knowing it! An example would be mainstream prescribed glasses to correct shortsightedness. Today, we visit Tech Able at the Enabling Village to see how people with disabilities can live more independently thanks to AT.

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A Tour at Tech Able’s New Crib

After almost a year, we drop by Tech Able’s new space at Enabling Village to check out what’s new. With even more products showcased that will assist persons with disabilities to live, work and play independently, you definitely want to check this unique space out!

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