A nutritionist by training, Charlotte Mei is a host, self-taught cook and media personality on a mission:
To get people back into the kitchen and interested in what they eat

Through her social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, she shares delicious and approachable recipes, nuggets of useful information on nutrition, and tips for living more eco-consciously. Some of her most popular topics on Instagram include her journey in food composting which started in 2020, her series on debunking myths.


Cutting her teeth on the acclaimed English talk station 938 NOW (now known as CNA 938) where she was presenter-producer of drive time show YOUR EVENING ESCAPE and daily food podcast CRAVE, Charlotte has also hosted the television series under the same name, CRAVE, where she explores various culinary hotspots around Singapore, and cooks up her easier and healthier renditions of the dishes. 


Charlotte is a firm advocate of low-impact, eco-conscious living through her everyday living, and has most worked on projects with hotels such as Grand Hyatt Singapore and Marina Bay Sands Singapore to showcase their sustainable efforts, as well as Fashion Revolution Singapore, to champion for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry. In her recent TEDx talk, she combines her interests in nutrition and sustainability, and shares the importance of the relationship between our dietary choices and the health of our planet.


Charlotte is of French and Chinese heritage, and is currently based in Singapore. However, her appetite for experiential experiences will continue to propel her wherever great ideas and opportunities lie. 


Services (Nutritionist)*:

Supermarket tours to ‘shop beyond the price tag’
Nutrition talks on several health topics
Hands-on cooking workshops/demonstrations
Recipe analysis/menu curation
*virtual sessions available

Services (Media):
On-screen (host/presenter, actress)
Live events (lifestyle, corporate, sports)
Radio (presenter, producer)
Voice-over artist


 Feel free to get in touch for more personalised services to suit your needs!

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